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Advanced Skills Course

This is for the horse person who has experience and is looking to expand and continue the 'journey of learning' with horses!

Some areas covered are

 Testing your horse's Stride

 How athletic is your horse

 What is your horse's trainability?

 Getting a horse out of 'flight mode'

 Wrapping Legs; Polo and Stable/Standing

 Feeding, Nutrition, Hay Testing and NSC

 Vaccines & Worming; what's the latest?

 Toxic Plants

 First Aid

What to do before your Vet arrives?

 How healthy is your horse's barn?

And...MUCH MORE!!!

All Participants will receive a Notebook and Certificate of Completion

$175 for the day
($50 deposit to hold your seat)

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We can come to you also
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This is a great opportunity to enrich your horse knowledge!
There's a little bit of everything in this course.
Will travel to barn if local

 Taught with a Natural Horsemanship Resistance Free Influence



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