Welcome to Equine Kneads!


 The length of the Course is 4 days with some home study. On certain occasions additional time is needed, Equine Kneads provides as much time needed.  The additional time is included in your course fee! No participant will ever feel rushed and will have one on one training if needed.

 Cost of the Certification Program is $875.00 if paid in full by the first day of class.  $945 if participant elects a payment plan. 

 In the morning, participants meet at the Learning Center where the classroom portion is completed. Class breaks for lunch and meets at the 'barn' for the practicals in the afternoon!


 Many topics are covered including the muscles & their functions-origin&insertion, kinesiology, physiology, common illnesses/injuries, gait analysis, when not to massage, the MANY benefits of massage, how to tell if a horse will benefit from a massage, how to tell if a muscle is reactive,my client's horse is lame..what are some muscles I can massage to help improve the horses comfort and ideas (if you choose) to start your OWN business!

 You will learn a NEW language with your Equine Partner!

 By the completion of the Course, you will be able to confidently complete a FULL bodyworker massage!

 Equine Kneads Course is taught in a relaxed atmosphere for optimum learning with a professional flare! We also include some natural horsemanship so participants are able to study the body language of the horse to achieve maximum benefits of the massage!

  We try to keep our costs to a minimum so we can make the Course affordable for our participants.

 ALL Graduates are entitled to a  Refresher Course

 Dress comfortably in your 'Barn Wear'

 Participants will have the opportunity to massage different 'body type' horses




 "Once you are an Equine Bodywork Massage Therapist, you will never pet a horse the same again"

As I go into my 17th year teaching/sharing Equine Massage, some reflections come to mind.

My mission is to connect people with horses, improve the quality of a horse's life thru trust not intimidation.

Participants have a better understanding of horses behavior so they can achieve maximum results with massage by being a quiet confident herd leader. This can only be achieved when the leader/bodyworker is knowledgable, balanced and open to the process.  Some things I share in class, if the participant is interested, is a brief "how to" meditate, ground, center and protect.  This can be very helpful for the horse as well as the massage therapist.

Each participant has a different learning style; I teach using 3 methods and adapt them accordingly. Such teaching style cannot be achieved in a large class but rather individual or only a couple of people.

Studies have shown long classroom days are ineffective because after a 4-6 hours the students attention span is lost therefore unable to absorb/process material.  Teaching should be varied with classroom and activity as well.  Your days learning are equally important to resting and reviewing after class.

My Program has a suggested time of 4 days/40 hours which includes the home study portion. On many occasions I happily extend the participants time to whatever additional time is needed.  This is all included in the initial course fee.  I also offer free refreshers at anytime to keep participants skills sharp!  I am always available for questions/input, during and after  your Program.  I believe horses and life are a never ending learning process!  I learn and grow from everyone who has participated and been included in this journey.

Thank you for everyone who has allowed me to share the massage!

I look forward to meeting many more wonderful horse enthusiasts!

Equine Kneads now accepts payment via


paypal email address is  foxbrook@netzero.com

some participants have taken advantage of bill me later thru paypal



Please email or call for details


Also, payment plans are available!

Please inquire prior to your class. A $25/month service charge applies

"so many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable"
~Christopher Reeve~



 "The Mind is like a Parachute, it works best when its opened"



 2022 Learning Schedule 


will be posting shortly 


please contact us for our availability!


Please inquire about our 1x per week class 4 weeks 


if you are interested in a date, please contact me 908-304-4380 or email: foxbrook@netzero.com



Class days can be split and scheduled individually, please email to schedule!




Once you have decided on a date

  - Please be sure to request your Application & Confirmation Sheet

- A deposit to hold your seat is required

~ Classes are limited to maximum of 4 participants
this allows for participants to receive plenty of "hands on"~

- You will receive your Welcome Letter and Packet









Please note: Student's must read the animal massage state law pertaining to their State before being allowed to register

Massage is for relaxation and general toning. ALL graduates of Equine Kneads are advised not to ever diagnose, treat or cure..ONLY a Vet can do that

        Equine Massage is offered for relaxation, general well-being or other non-medical purposes. 



 Regarding Vet Laws: We have received many inquiries from prospective students regarding veterinary regulations in various states, including Virginia. While these laws do exist none have been enforced. The reason: When a person wants a massage, he or she does not need permission from a doctor, nor does the therapist need to get permission from a doctor before performing a massage. Massage is not veterinary medicine nor is it human medicine. If a COURT were to rule on this law, it would most likely and logically be declared unconstitutional.  This was from www.Equissage.com