Welcome to Equine Kneads!

Equine Kneads is now offering a

Personal Use Massage Course



        Here is some information about the Course


~ You will learn how to complete a Full Body Massage

~ Learn a "New Language" with your Equine Partner

~Benefits of Massage; how to tell where your horse is sore

~Some Muscles and their functions
What muscle is sore when my reins are too tight?

~When not to massage

~What is my horse telling me?

~ Course is 2-3 half days

~ Cost is $450 -payment plans available


Equine Kneads now accepts payment via


and Venmo accepted

Please email or call for details




-  If you would like to become Certified at any point after you have 
   completed this Course you may:

 - Pay the difference (Currently the Certification Program is $875; the difference   would be $425)

- Complete the Classroom Portion(in depth portion of muscles &their functions, common injuries, common illnesses, the many benefits of massage, when not to massage(contras), ideas to start your own business, advertising, LLC, Insurance, Logos, Vision
appearance as a Massage Therapists and   MORE.........        


- Take the Written or Verbal Test & Demonstrate a 1 hour Massage




The Personal Use Bodyworker/Massage Program will give participants an opportunity to learn how to complete a massage on their own horse!


No Certification will be given but can be earned at any time after completed of the Personal Use Program!!


Participants will receive a

"Certificate of Completion" 


Please email for the next available class!
Classes are scheduled individually